MPS - Subterranean Irrigations System

“The Ultimate in Subterranean Plant Irrigation Systems”

What is the Mona Plant System (MPS)?

Mona Plant System (MPS) is an advanced, well proven and easy to use subterranean irrigation system which is also a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for both interior and exterior landscaping.

The MPS ensures that water and nutrients are delivered in the correct quantity to the root of the plants, resulting in improved root development and optimal plant growth, making it the complete plant growth system.


The MPS range consists of:

Tanks – Self-contained water reservoirs for planters, boxes and pots

Links – Open ended tank reservoirs enabling  connections of multiple reservoirs for large areas

Rings – A system of link reservoirs connected for tree irrigation

Modules – Portable self-irrigating plant displays for interior and exterior use.

There are many advantages to using the MPS, including:

Reduced maintenance costs:

  • Reduces watering frequency to intervals of up to six weeks*

  • Reduces liquid fertiliser concentration by up to 75%*

*Please note this is dependent on the environment conditions


  • Reduces water consumption with little or no wastage

  • Made from recyclable materials

Promotion of plant growth:

  • Prevents over or under watering

  • Drives harmful salts away from the roots to the soil surface

  • Aerates soil

  • Nurtures young trees during critical first few years of growth

Highly versatile and easy to install:

  • Suitable for interior and exterior landscaping.

  • Portable and available in many shapes and sizes for a variety of landscaping requirements.

  • Controls root spread so can be used in any terrain.

  • No need for mains electricity or water supply.

MPS Tanks

MPS Tanks can be used for interior and exterior planters containing plants, foliage or shrubs and ideal for patio display containers and indoor and outdoor foliage and floral displays.

  • MPS Tanks are available in a variety of sizes to fit all containers and pots

  • MPS Tanks can be planted at difficult depths to suit the plant roots

  • MPS Tanks ranging from 0.9 litres to 25 litres

MPS Links

MPS links can be used for practically all interior and exterior plant bed requirements including challenging environments such as:

  • Roof Gardens

  • Slopes

  • Staircases

  • Urban environments

  • Remote locations

Benefits include:

  • Ideal for interior and exterior landscaping

  • Flexible hose connects links together for any size landscaping requirements

  • Perfect for use in curved and unusual shaped beds

  • Gradients are handled with ease (roof gardens etc)

  • Ideal for shallow planting environment


We provide the perfect MPS Link sets for cityscape and indoor tree irrigation such as:

  • Paved areas

  • Interior tree irrigation

  • Exterior tree irrigation

Benefits include:

  • Available in 2 sizes

  • Water reservoir holds up to 72 litres

  • Forms a ring around the root ball to ensure optimal growth

  • Ideal for interior and exterior tree irrigation

  • Lockable steel access fittings available


MPS Modules provide an ideal fixed or portable display where access to the ground may be difficult and you require solutions for a variety of options including:

  • Flower Boxes Hanging Baskets

  • Street Displays

  • Shopping Centres

  • Airports and other public buildings

Benefits include:

  • Ideal solution for pavements or streets

  • Creates spectacular self-irrigating flower display

  • Free standing planting where direct to the ground is impractical

  • Available in many shapes and size

  • Easy mobility - no installation required

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